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900 foil erasers / eraser disc Ø 90 mm incl. adapter



s l1600

s l500

With the CleanTEC foil eraser, you can easily remove stickers, foils and adhesive residue from painted surfaces, aluminum rims, tiles or glass, for example.

Our erasers impress with their long service life and are therefore also suitable for the workshop and everyday use.


Technical specifications :

  • Diameter : 90mm
  • Speed ​​: max. 4000 rpm
  • incl. adapter to 6.0 mm shaft diameter, length: 43 mm
  • Use with drill presses


s l500


Item.Nr. 46900

Content : Kit with adapter


s l16003

 Areas of application
painted surfaces, aluminum rims, tiles or e.g. glass
 Application notes
  • The eraser is only suitable for professional use, you use it at your own risk!
  • Use only on painted surfaces, aluminum rims, tiles or e.g. glass (do not use on plastic parts).
  • Operate only at speeds between 1500-3000 rpm (max. 4000 rpm).
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves when using.
  • Clean the areas to be treated before use.
  • Before use, test on an inconspicuous area or other similar surface to assess the behavior of the eraser.
  • Do not use in one place for too long and do not work without firm pressure, otherwise burns and damage to the paint may occur.
  • We assume no liability for paint damage or other damage!
 Expsure time
Works immediately
 Consumption Lasts for multiple uses

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